Motor Control Centre (MCC) Panels

We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Motor control centre (MCC) panels. These have the capacity to feed larger loads and are designed as per the client specifications. The MCC panels confirm to the international standards and are available with multiple power ranges that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors. Our manufactured motor control centre (MCC) units comprises equipments like; various types of starters, soft starters, variable frequency drives, solid-state motor controllers with analog / digital metering, feeder circuit breakers, capacitor feeders etc.

We also specialize in Intelligent Motor Control Centers (IMCC) & PLC Panels which provide

  • Enhanced energy monitoring and management.
  • Predictive maintenance capability.
  • Enhanced communication / networking capability.
  • Increased flexibility & Greater control.

Salient Features

  • Duly wired with ACB / MCCB / SFU / DOL / RDOL / STAR-DELTA / ATS Starters. Various designs provided like single/double front, fixed/drawout type, with marshaling terminations.
  • Cubicle type extensible on each side.
  • Starters are provided with type 2 co-ordination where required.
  • Separate bus bar chamber for vertical droppers
  • Can be operating by remote on / off.
  • Accommodate various types of cable entries whether top, bottom or a mixture of both, front or rear access, or a hybrid solution using a combination of any form and type. We can also accommodate various special site requirements i.e. the space available and access into the switch room or kiosk whether the limitations be imposed by existing switch rooms / buildings or new builds